New Leaf

A new leaf can be anywhere, waiting for you to turn it over.
If you find a new leaf, you may keep it.
Turn it over as often as you wish.
You may put it somewhere for someone else to find.
You may leave it where it is.
You do not have to turn over a new leaf.
That is entirely voluntary.

New Leaf is the creation of Carol Ann Newsome.

  About New Leaf

The image of the New Leaf comes out of a deeply held belief in the human spirit and the possibility for meaningful change inherent in every moment. When a finder turns over a New Leaf, they have manifested that possibility by taking action. Placing a gift in a public place where anyone may receive this gift is a sacrament in unconditional giving. Belief in a grand design tells me that each leaf will find the person it was meant for.

I believe in the spiritual necessity of images, that they have the power to connect us with ourselves and others. Images communicate important truths to us from the deepest parts of ourselves. We must live with art, not just visit it on special occasions. New leaf is the latest in a series of alternative arts projects committed to giving people meaningful contact with art in the context of their daily lives. This is the most personal of my projects.

Discovery of each leaf is an intimate experience. It demands a decision on the part of the finder (to take or not to take?) It invites touch. As in initiating all personal relationships, we must decide: Will I let this in, or shall I walk away?