Carol and Leaf

I was born in Pittsburgh, PA in 1957. I knew early that I was an artist, though I also flirted with the idea of being a psychologist or an archeologist.

I moved to Oklahoma at the age of 11. I had my first solo exhibition at the age of 17 at the Renegade Theatre in Norman, Oklahoma. I received my BFA in Printmaking at the University of Oklahoma, graduating with Distinction in 1981, then went on to receive my MFA in Drawing from the University of Cincinnati in 1986.

While I was in graduate school, I received at grant to create my first public artwork, a painted bas-relief titled, “Anytime Bus Stop”. After graduate school I went to work in a gallery and became involved with C.A.G.E., a non-profit art gallery in Cincinnati. I went on to become secretary and then president of C.A.G.E.

During this time, I became disturbed by the inaccessibility of original art in comparison with advertising, movies and other forms of media. I became committed to finding ways to put art before the public so that it would become part of daily life. I created a C.A.G.E. project, Art in the Windows, which displayed the works of 50 artists in the display windows of vacant downtown storefronts. The project lasted for almost 3 years. After that, I spent another 3 years creating murals on plywood to be mounted over the boarded-up windows of vacant buildings in Over-the Rhine, a struggling neighborhood north of downtown.

In 1990, I fell into a job in an addictions treatment center and fell in love with the spiritual aspects of this work. In 1997 I became Manager of the Talbert House Driver Intervention Program, which provides services for first-time DUI offenders.

In 1995, created “Finders Keepers” my first if-you-find-it-you-can-keep-it project. New Leaf grew out of that project.

As of January 1, 2005, over 4500 New Leafs have been “Planted” in 50 countries world-wide. Today, in addition to continuing my New Leaf activities, I accept public and private painting commissions My current project is a community mural that uses the art of neighborhood children to share local history. I also have a fondness for pet portraits. And while oils are my preferred medium, my most recent private commission was a portrait of an African Grey parrot to be tattood on it's owner's ankle.

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