In 1990 I started a second career in the field of chemical dependency. Since that time my life has been touched by literally thousands of individuals who were in the process of turning over their own “New Leaf”. Over the last decade I have been challenged to understand what change is and how it occurs. For an alcoholic or addict, recovery is a process of choices made and actions taken daily, hourly, and sometimes minute by minute. It is often the little choices that start a chain of events which leads either to serenity or relapse. (Shall I take this route or that route? Shall I call now or later? Shall I go home or stay?)

Through my work with addictions, I have become aware of the evolution of the human spirit as a process based on our daily thoughts and behaviors. I believe this holds true no matter what religion you follow. Picking up a “New Leaf” painting and reading the back is a small choice that in some way shapes your day and ultimately you. What you choose to do with it after you pick it up will become part of your history and who you become. New Leaf is not special in this regard. It is only one of hundreds of potentially powerful choices that you make in a day’s time and ultimately may be no more or less important than whether or not you call you sister, buy a newspaper, smile at your neighbor or turn on the television.

It is only natural that my exploration of the topic of change would be reflected in my art. I like to think of New Leaf as a way to celebrate all those little opportunities we have everyday to grow and to make the world a better place.

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