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Photography by Carol Ann Newsome, Dagmar, Evan Lindquist,
Debbie Brod, Ron Baker, Warren Wright, Starr Redgrave and others.

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Photos by Evan Lindquist
Evan Lindquist's Millenium Project Photo Page

Photo by Debbie Brod
Sri Lanka

Photos by Carol Ann Newsome
Overlooking the Seine
In the courtyad at the Louvre
Brittany: Mane Grogh
Paris: Allee des Cygnes
Paris: Fontaine de Saint Michel
Paris: Jardin des Tuilleries
Paris: Rue des Plantes
New Leaf at Dashur
Good Goddess Window Shopping
Good Goddess Paying her Respects
Good Goddess in a Shady Spot
Good Goddess meets Hathor
Charlie, Karen and Bunny at Good Goddess

Photo by Ron Baker
Swansea, Wales

Photos by Warren Wright
New Leaf at Squeaking Point Jetty, Tasmania
SharJah, U.A.E.
Star Ferry, Hong Kong
Cheung Chau Island

Photo by Starr Redgrave
Northampton Station, England

Photos by Dagmar
Tucson Leaf in Cactus
Tucson Leaf in Mesquite
Tucson Leaf takes a Hike

Pool Surprise
At Paloverde

Blooming Hedgehog Cacti
Bear/Orchid in Bud
Blooming Cherry Tree
Leaf and Sculpture on Whistler Mountain.
Dis - covered LEAF
Leaf Adopted

News Photos
Front page of Niagara Gazette, October 24, 1998
Niagara Review