<<She just loved her leaf and kept it here at our office to be admired-it must have worked for her, because shortly after she found it, she left her position here and took a new job and began a new marriage and moved all at the same time!... I love reading all the correspondence the New Leaf discoverers have sent to you:). I can't imagine how it must make you feel to know something you created has given such unexpected joy! >>

: ) You are giving my Leafs too much credit -

More like a case of synchronicity - on an internal level she was ready to make those changes and finding her Leaf was that meaningful coincidence that the Jungians love to talk about -

OR - she recognized her Leaf when she saw it because that was the space she was already in -

OR - a person who has their eyes open to notice and be curious about a Leaf is also open to other opportunities.

OR - a person who is in the frame of mind to accept this one small gift from the universe may be opening themselves up to accept other gifts as well.

Four slightly different ways of looking at the same thing. People have said they think the Leafs have a magical quality - but I think the finder brings the magic to it, not the other way around....and yes, it is wonderful and gratifying to know that someone used one of my Leafs to help them through changes.

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