Leaf of the Month 

:::Sigh::: A brain is a terrible thing to thump. Three years after my head injury, I am finally getting back to normal. Part of this process is updating the New Leaf web-site. While I managed to keep Leaf of the Month going during that time, I have huge holes in my memory and my documentation - so if you either planted or found a leaf since December, 2001 and it is not mentioned here (except for Goa, India, which is documented under New Leaf Projects), Please email me and let me know about it so I can complete my documentation. Thanks!!!

January 2005 , On January 23rd in Cincinnati, New Leaf and friend picked up an artichoke and roasted garlic pizza prior to settling in on the couch for a DVD double feature.

December 2004 , Having given up the evils of honey, New Leaf purchased a bottle of pure maple syrup at Bigg's in Cincinnati on New Year's Eve.

November 2004 , Waiting for the plane home, New Leaf watched the rain from her gate at the Houston International Airport on November 1st.

October 2004 , New Leaf paid homage to Suzanne Valedon at the Houston Museum of Fine Art on October 29. On October 30, New Leaf enjoyed watching swashes buckle at the Texas Renaissance Festival

September 2004 , In Washington, New Leaf recieved a visit from a very old and dear friend from far away

August 2004 , Documentation pending.

July 2004 , New Leaf tackled the Saddleback trail outside of Freeport ME

June 2004 , New Leaf played miniature golf with her folks in Dupage County, IL.

May 2004 , On Documentation pending.

April 2004 , Documentation pending.

March 2004 , New Leaf ate onion rings and watched "Hidalgo" from the comfort of stadium seating at the new Springdale, OH cinaplex on March 6. Later in the month, New Leaf took a vacation without the kids at Lido Key, FL

February 2004 , Documentation pending.

January 2004 , Documentation pending.

December 2003 , New Leaf hiked in Mount Airy Forest with the dogs.

November 2003 , Documentation pending.

October 2003 , New Leaf took the dogs for a frolic at the Mount Airy Dog Park in Cincinnati, OH on October 8. Afterwards, New Leaf took a "girls only" trip to Sarasota, FL and visited and art fair.

September 2003 , New Leaf enjoyed Mexican food and a rare visit with a distant friend in Pigeon Forge, TN.

August 2003 , New Leaf and Dad enjoyed a stroll in a Glen Ellyn, IL park during a visit home on August 13.

July 2003 , New Leaf sat on a stone wall and ate ice-cream after shopping at LL Bean in Freeport, ME

June 2003 , New Leaf toured Gdansk, Poland while connecting with ancestral roots.

May 2003 , New Leaf toured a corporate space in Kettering, OH

April 2003 , Documentation pending.

March 2003 , Documentation pending.

February 2003 , Documentation pending.

January 2003 , During a two week safari, New Leaf drank a Sprite at the Africa Cafe in Zanzibar.

December 2002 , Documentation pending.

November 2002 , Documentation pending.

October 2002 , New Leaf relaxed on the beach at Key West.

September 2002 , New Leaf and a friend took the wrong fork in a trail in Shawnee Forest Ohio, turning an afternoon hike into an all out adventure culiminating many hours and blisters later in a dangerous foray down a pitch-dark road to see if the truck could really be there.

August 2002 , Documentation pending.

July 2002 , New Leaf stopped to read a monument in a little lakeside town in Maine while driving to New Hampshire.

June 2002 , Documentation pending.

May 2002 , Documentation pending.

April 2002 , Documentation pending.

March 2002 , Documentation pending.

February 2002 , Documentation pending.

January 2002 , Documentation pending.

December 2001 , Documentation pending.

November 2001 , New Leaf spent Thanksgiving with the family in Pittsburgh, PA.

October 2001 , New Leaf took a holiday on the island of Crete. On October 13th, New Leaf went back to Swift Creek Camp Trail in Red River Gorge to return the ashes of a beloved companion to the place where she found him. On October 19th, New Leaf went to Gatlinberg for a ladies weekend and giggled over a photo-booth.

September 2001 , On the afternoon of September 7, New Leaf got on her new bike for the first time after being struck by a car and pedaled 20 miles on the Loveland Trail in Cincinnati. Later that month, New Leaf made a pit-stop at the Ladies room of the McDonald's in Dunbar, WV. New Leaf visited her old dance studio during a visit home to Madison, NC. On the morning of September 26th, New Leaf dropped off her husband and children at the Lead Cove trailhead near Townsend, TN.

August 2001 , On August 24th, New Leaf enjoyed the early morning quiet of a pier in Biloxi, Mississippi.

July 2001 , On July 2nd, New Leaf walked the beach at Tel Aviv and stopped to admire a garden. New Leaf took a famliy vacation to Perdido Key, Forida, and admired the pretty Lava rock landscaping by the pool on July 21. Later that day, New Leaf watched herons while fish swam around their ankles at the National Seashore and encountered 8 soldiers on a military exercise. On July 22, New Leaf stopped at the last rest area in Tennesee on the way home.

June 2001 , New Leaf celebrated the Summer Solstice on June 20 by making a pilgrimage to the black madonna at Rocamadour in the South of France. afterwards, New Leaf visted the castle and paused in a shady niche on the crenellated walkway between 3 towers.

May 2001 , During a trip to that Dayton Art Institute on May 13, New Leaf visited the Steele High School Mascot, a large bronze lion now guarding the institute grounds

April 2001 , On April 30, New Leaf made a pilgrimage through Over-the Rhine in Cincinnati. New Leaf made a prayer of healing in front of the Warehouse bar, where the fatal chase of Timothy Thomas started on April 7.

March 2001 , On March 17, New Leaf climbed a hill in a park in Barcelona and looked towards the mountains, enjoying wonderful weather. New Leaf made a long overdue trip to Paris, and on March 22, New Leaf visited the Ladies room after viewing the Winged Bulls at the Louvre. On March 23, New Leaf discovered the hidden charms of Parc du Buttes Chalfonte and dodged an insistently friendly Frenchman. New Leaf sat in the courtyard of the Louvre after a rain on March 24 , watching the clouds against a darkening sky, making a memory for the next day's trip home.

February 2001 , New Leaf contemplated a career change in Seattle.

January 2001 , New Leaf was rumored to have watched naked monks brandishing swords plunge into the Ganges River at Allahbad, India, to wash away their sins during a special Kumbh festival that takes place once every 144 years. this festival marked the beginning of a new 7,000 year cycle. On January 22, one day after watching the Lady Vols whop UCONN's butts in a fantastic game of women's basketball, New Leaf strolled the downtown pedestrian squares of Knoxville, Tennessee

December 2000 , New Leaf paused at a shack while walking along a protected Oliver Ridley turtle beach at Morjem Beach, India.

November 2000 , New Leaf reunited with an expatriate fiance in Swansea, Wales and toured the country that will soon be their home.

October 2000 , New Leaf took a brief sabbatical from the convent and toured several parks in Yerevan, Armenia, visiting Gomidas Park near the Music Conservatory; a park near the National Opera House; a park on Baghramian Street, near the Parliament Building (site of the assassination of the Prime Minister, President of Parliament and seven Parliament Members, exactly one year ago); a park on Kandjian Street; and American University of Armenia's campus grounds. New Leaf and family visited Wright Square on a tour of Savannah, Georgia.

September 2000 , On September 5th, New Leaf spent their 19th wedding anniversary in Cortona, Italy, searching for the house Frances Mayes immortalized in "Bella Tuscany" and was excited to discover the shrine on the public road below. New Leaf paused in a tunnel of trained vines at Saint Fagen's Castle in south Wales on September 13. On September 17, New Leaf rested on a bench at Saint Mary's Lighthouse, which is on the North Sea, not far from Newcastle upon Tyne in England. On September 30th, New Leaf reached the end of a walking tour (much of it in the driving rain) from Burgos to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

August 2000 , New Leaf visited the Yakima Indian Cultural Center on the Yakima Indian reservation in Toppenish, Washington. Later, New Leaf enjoyed underwater life at the McNary Dam Fish Viewing Room in Umatilla, Oregon.

June 2000 , On June 7, New Leaf drank a Dos Equis with lime and looked out at the ocean by a thatch cabana in front of Hotel Malia Cancun. June 13, New Leaf visited a waterfall-fountain in Salina Kansas. The next day, New Leaf visited a beautiful park by the Missouri River in Saint Charles, Missouri. That night, New Leaf stopped for gas in Oak Grove Kentucky the way to Nashville, Tennessee. New Leaf flew to Stockholm, Sweeden to begin a cruise with the family. New Leaf climbed a tree in a meadow in Visby on Gotland Island; waited for a bus in Tallin, Estonia; and peered over a fence at a munitions factory in Saint Petersburg, Russia. On June 22nd, New Leaf stopped at the Leftbank Art Gallery on Saint Simon's Island in Georgia to inquire about the artwork of a college friend who painted there on visits before she passed away in 1983.

May 2000 , On May 5, New Leaf stayed at Culloden Hotel in Holywood, a suburb of Belfast, and spied an old stone pavilion in the gardens on the grounds. On May 11, New Leaf strayed off the beaten path in the Bagramian Street park in Yerevan, Armenia. In Santa Fe, New Leaf celebrated the celestial alignment on the historic east-side. Later, New Leaf attended a Planetworkers Conference in the Presidio near Golden Gate Bridge. New Leaf enjoyed the shade of an oak tree in the Christchurch Art Center on the South Island of New Zealand.

April 2000 , In Minneapolis, New Leaf had a good-bye lunch with 3 co-workers on April 3, the last day of 20 years at the university. Afterwards, they took a brisk walk by the Radisson Hotel. On 4/17, New Leaf admired the Jennifer Macklem and Kip Jones sculpture at Whistler Mountain while visiting Vancouver for a wedding. On 4/23, New Leaf made its debut on New Providence Island a day earlier than expected when kidnapped out of TimÕs luggage.

March 2000 , On March 6, New Leaf stopped at a beautiful Buddhist Temple during a tour of Dehra Dun, India. On March 8, New Leaf experienced 3 much needed minutes alone on the ghat of the Ganges River in Hadwar, India. Read Carla's journal. New Leaf passed by Bank America in Phoenix on March 13 after visiting Quantum Helicopter School. On March 20, New Leaf rested on a bench after shopping on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. New Leaf rode the Star Ferry and visited Cheung Chau Island at Hong Kong on March 24.

February 2000 , New Leaf took a solitary dip in at a hotel in SharJah, U.A.E., then rested at a pool side table.Later, New Leaf road the elevator at the Queens Hospital Center in Jamaica, New York . New Leaf photographed sculpture made from garbage at the Rock Garden in Chandigarh, India on February 8th.On February 17, New Leaf survived terrifying mountain roads to enjoy a leisurely walk and lunch in the hill station of Simla, India. Read Carla's journal.

January 2000, New Leaf took a whirlwind tour of Austria, starting at the passenger waiting area of the Frankfurt airport on January 3. New Leaf sat on a concrete fence in Graz and watched traffic go by. New Leaf visited the birthplace of Mozart in Salzburg and waited for a bus in Vienna. On January 19, New Leaf placed a phone call at a booth outside a grocery store deep in the heart of Miami. New Leaf sat in the lobby of a resort in the Dominican Republic and listened to many languages. New Leaf took the train from London to Northampton Station on January 20. On Saturday, January 22, New Leaf went to dinner with an old friend in Kansas City, then strolled by a dry fountain shaped like a boar. New Leaf passed by the Pod Roza Hotel on the way to the town square in Krakow, Poland.

December 1999, New Leaf visited a center for continuing education for women in Edinburgh, Scotland on December 11. Two days later, New Leaf contemplated a memorial statue at Hut Point, having returned to McMurdo Station after 6 weeks out on the ice sheet in Antarctica performing field research. New Leaf went sledding with old friends and the next generation by the mill in Williamsville, NY on Christmas Day. On the eve of New year's Eve, New Leaf perused 20,000 square feet of Christian literature in the new Kindred book store in Birmingham, Alabama.

November 1999, New Leaf visited a little park in Las Condes while on a business trip in Santiago, Chile on November 12. Later in the month, New Leaf sat on a bench outside a coffee house in Telluride, Colorado, contemplating Florida Beaches.

October 1999, New Leaf took refuge from the drought at Grayton Beach, Panama City, Florida. New Leaf sat at Red Bar, trying to tell the "Beach Hippies" from the "Euro Sand Combers." Later, New Leaf prepared to depart for Antarctica by visiting a favorite historical monument at Bear Meadows Natural Area in Rothrock State Forest, Pennsylvania.

September 1999, New Leaf visited the Knoxville Museum of Art on the way to Grandma's funeral in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

August 1999, New Leaf went shopping in Hong Kong.

July 1999, New Leaf lingered in a conference room after a meeting at P&G headquarters in Caracas, Venezuela on July 7. On Saturday, July 17, New Leaf attempted to give blood during a blood drive at Northgate mall in Cincinnati, OH, but was refused due to iron poor blood. New Leaf bought three pairs of sandals instead. The next day, New Leaf visited Sattahip Naval base in Thailand.

June 1999, On June 5, New Leaf visited the friendship bell in Oak Ridge, Tennessee while attending Grandma's birthday party. New Leaf then went on a whirlwind tour of Europe; shaking off jet lag while waiting for the bus in Sulzbach, Germany; perusing gothic architecture on the Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium; pondering the lovers by the fountain at the Piazza Santa Maria at Trastevere in Rome, Italy; admiring the Naked Maja in the Museo del Prado, Madrid, Spain; lingering at a sidewalk cafe in Paris, discussing writer's angst and the meaning of life. Read Gary's Journal.

May 1999, New Leaf spent May Day sitting on a bench outside a conference on Reggio Emilia philosphy and practice at Cambridge. New Leaf then flew to the Far East and strolled by Manila Bay near the Manila Diamond; sat on the steps near a fountain of a pig at the end of Ikuta Road in Kobe, Japan; and wandered in the misting rain in Yuexiu Park, Guangzhou, China. New Leaf then took a break at a Greek restaurant in Subbury, Canada. Read Gary's Journal.

April 1999, On Easter Sunday, New Leaf viewed the aftermath of a storm from Squeaking Point Jetty on the Rubicon River near Port Sorell, Tasmania. New Leaf then took a Mediterranean cruise and rested on a bench alongside the waterfront of the fishing village of Paphos,Cyprus after viewing mosaics in one of the ruins. Later, New Leaf watched the pigeons inside the medieval ramparts at Rhodes, Greece.

March 1999, Early in March, New Leaf perused the gardening section of the public library in Hamilton, Ohio. On Friday evening, March 12, New Leaf headed for the casino at the very elegant El San Juan Hotel in Puerto Rico while on a business trip. New Leaf finished out March by strolling in the park on Union Square in San Francisco and in the park at San Mateo while visiting family on the west coast.

February 1999, New Leaf headed out on a safari in innermost Africa and was never heard from again.

January 1999, On New Years Day, New Leaf strolled along the beach at Cape Town, South Africa. Later in the month, New Leaf stood at the foot of the Great Pyramid, then traveled to the pyramids at Dashur.

December 1998, New Leaf flew to Hawaii over Christmas break and explored the volcano at Mauna Kea in memory of Harold Koon.

November 1998, On a lovely day, New Leaf walked in the park by the little falls in Williamsville, NY. On November 21, New Leaf took an out of town friend to Mason, OH to see the Robert Schiffler Collection and had disturbing thoughts about the state of modern art.

October 1998, New Leaf played the slot machines at Caesar's Palace on Oct. 17. Afterwards, New Leaf had a spiritual experience within Indian territory upon a cliff 7,000 ft from the Colorado River at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. The fact that this was also a helicopter landing site did nothing to diminish the moment.

September 1998, New Leaf passed by a crack house on Hickman Street in Cincinnati, OH. New Leaf visited a conference in Denver, CO.

August 1998, New Leaf took a break at the wildlife viewing shelter on the bike trail at Miami Whitewater Forest, Harrison, OH. New Leaf also appeared in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.; Stavanger, Norway; and in the airport in Amsterdam,Holland.

July 1998, New Leaf attended the Alan Parsons/Yes concert at Seneca Falls NY on Independence Day.

<June 1998, New Leaf Landed at Heathrow Airport in London on its way to Cincinnati from the U.A.E. on June 21. Across town, New Leaf celebrated the Summer Solstice by taking a ride on the Jubilee line of the TUBE.

May 1998, New Leaf went to Saudi Arabia on a business trip and lingered in the library on the Aramco Compund in Dhahran. Later in the month, New Leaf relocated to Hurricane, Utah and settled in at the Dixie Hostel.

April 1998, New Leaf spent April Fool's Day in Cleveland looking out at Lake Erie. New Leaf started a new job at Cinergy in Cincinnati on April 6.

March 1998, New Leaf stayed at the Travel Lodge in New Orleans on March 3 while attending a scientific conference. New Leaf landed in Dubai, U.A.E. on the trip home.

February 1998, On February 17, New Leaf sat on a bench out side Boston Children's Hospital and contemplated it's mortality.

January 1998, New Leaf explored hiking trails at Mount Airy Forest in Cincinnati on New Years Day.

December 1997, New Leaf was resting in the lap of Buddha outside the National Museum in Sri Lanka. A New Leaf celebrated Christmas in Des Moines, Iowa.

November 1997, New Leaf was discovered resting in the shade off the beach at Waikiki. On Thanksgiving Day, New Leaf appeared on a picnic table at a rest stop in I-65 between Indianapolis and Layfayette Indiana . On November 30, New Leaf took a jog by Lake Michigan in Chicago.

October 1997, a New Leaf stayed at the Motel 6 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee on the way to a new life.