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December, 1998

Seasons Greetings!!

As this very busy year draws to a close, I am contemplating the hundreds of leaf panels I have spent summer and fall sanding, sealing and sanding again in preparation for a hopefully quiet winter of painting...

New Leaf has had a good year - major Drops at Charleston during the Spoleto Festival and Niagara Falls at the height of fall color; mini Drops at Chicago's Navy Pier Show and ETSU in Johnson City, TN; several foreign "Leaf of the Month" Drops; and assorted press including a very fun long distance interview with Susan Lachman at ETSU (well it was fun AFTER the technical difficulties were resolved!!!).

The New Leaf web page was given a Heartwarmers award. If you've never been to Heartwarmers, do visit their site, it is a very nifty place dedicated to encouraging positive use of the internet - Being linked to their site has increased web site traffic. The site got invaded by an anonymous hacker who posted an upside down picture of a boot instead of my front page (thankfully this was corrected quickly) The site itself continues to grow with the congenial and long suffering assistance of Tyim Court,(who I imagine had no clue what he was getting himself into when he sent me an IM back in the fall of 97) This weekend articles from both Canadian and American Niagara Falls papers were posted on the page. Both articles include color photos (flattering ones, even!) The Gazette article was on the front page (a first!!) If you haven't been to the New Leaf page in a while, I hope you will check it out.

Niagara and Charleston were both marvelous experiences. In Charleston I was blessed to meet Harold Koon, a dear friend of my hostess, Maria Richardson. Harold has been my most incorrigible and original leaf planter to date. On opening day of the Spoleto Festival, Harold and i both took the same route to the opening ceremony... only Harold was walking about 5 minutes behind me. He then proceeded to move every single leaf I planted. When we arrived at the ceremony, he placed a leaf in a phone booth in plain sight our our seats (and several hundred others) Incidentally, this was up front where all the Spoleto officials were running around. He kept me in stitches while folks tried to figure out what was going on. And when a brave women finally decided to take possession of it, Harold casually sauntered up front and planted another one.... (I would like to point out that I do NOT engage in voyeurism when planting leaves. I firmly believe that each leaf experience is personal and private and should be respected as such) When Harold ran out of leaves to plant, he held onto the last one and took it with him everywhere, replanting it every place he stopped. I told him that in Charleston I would have 299 leaves that were planted once and 1 leaf that was planted 299 times.... Harold died of a heart attack less than 2 months after the Charleston project. After he died, several New Leafs were found in his apartment (as I said he was incorrigible) which his friends, Maria Richardson and Fred Woods, decided to pant in memory of him. Harold's death created a small media flurry in Charleston with many letters and articles commemorating his long years of volunteer service and neighborhood leadership. Harold lived fully and enjoyed every minute of it. He left the world a better place when he went. And it would not surprise me if he were even now watching over New Leafs everywhere, making sure they turned up for the folks who needed them. As for Maria, I have plans to make her a danger sign commemorating my close relationship with her rear deck and an overgrown Boston Fern. It will of course be tastefully done in blue and white as that is her favorite color combination. ; )

My friend Ann Pappalardo and her adorable 1 year old daughter Rachael accompanied me on the Niagara Falls trip. We stayed with my very dear friend Karen Emenhiser and her husband Al and son Joe in Buffalo. Rachel and her baby carriage provided great cover for leaf activities when she was not attempting to jump into the gorge. I saw about 30 rainbows while we were there. I have since started collecting sun catchers for my windows so I could have a few rainbows of my own.

Tyim helped me design a New Leaf T-Shirt and coffee mugs. Due to technical difficulties, these are not yet available. (and I thought I knew what I was going to get everyone for Christmas. Oh well) Another disappointment - I included the web page address on the Niagara leaves in addition to the New Leaf address. Apparently folks satisfied their curiosity about the project by visiting the web site and did not send me e-mail. So there are no Leaf stories from Niagara falls on the page (live and learn)

Next year New Leaf will be visiting Saint Charles IL and Houston TX. I will also be focusing on building my list of Millennium Planters for Jan 1, 2001 I'm shooting for at least 100 sites worldwide. If you know anyone who has e-mail access who might like to be involved, let me know, especially if they live outside the US.

This was just meant to be a quick note inviting you to check out the web page again and instead has evolved into a newsletter. I will be kind and stop now. I hope you all have wonderful holidays full of love. And if any of you are planning exotic trips in 1999, let me know. There may be a New Leaf just dying to accompany you!!!

Ever Yours and Evergreen,

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