March 6, 2000

Hey Leaf Lovers!

I am turning over a New Leaf of my own these days. A busted fuel pump left me car-less for a few days last week. This was the motivation I needed to try bike-commuting the 8 miles to work. I picked out a route last year, but always had better things to do (like paint and sleep) than give it a test run. I rode two days last week and liked it so much I plan to ride at lest 2 days a week, weather permitting. And I don’t have to feel guilty anymore about not exercising.

I am happy to report that the lost shipment to Cape Town finally appeared. Betina Coetzee, the original planter, had to return to Seoul before the shipment arrived. Her sister Celeste and friends have taken over and are planting now. Betina planted 50 Leafs in Seoul last year. A few days ago I received a lovely article about this event in the magazine for the SDA Language Institute where she teaches. At some point I hope to get it scanned to add to the page.

Millennium leafs continue to progress. To date there are 635 Leafs completed with 220 in progress and due to be completed by late-March.

So far Millennium Planters have committed for 25 states and 7 foreign countries, with connections to possible planters in 3 more countries. We could use planters for the plains states. North and West of Kansas and East of California is a large blank spot on my map. I also need someone in Hawaii. And of course, Europe, South America, Africa and Asia.....

Our newest & most Northern planter is Richard Kidd in Anchorage, Alaska. Richard created “The Sharing Tree”, a wonderful web site devoted to inspiring stories about people who display tremendous personal courage in overcoming obstacles or devote themselves to making a positive contribution to mankind. Richard discovered New Leaf and decided that Sharing Tree and New Leaf were natural companions. New Leaf is of course very flattered to be included in such good company. My interview with Richard is now posted at I hope you will visit the Sharing Tree at

Other new planters are: Byron Ballard in Jacksonville;

Julia Gruber, an Austrian graduate student currently at Bowling Green headed for parts unknown (preferably Scotland) for the Millennium;

Pennee, a Leaf Finder in Abingdon, VA;

Lezli White of the Corning Museum of Glass in New York -;

Dagmar, a photographer in Tucson - (Be sure to check out her gorgeous photos of the musical “HAIR”)

Ryan Burkhart at Texas Tech -;

Hong, an artist on Batam Island, Indonesia;

Barbara Blayzor in Garden Grove, CA;

Cathie Crawford, an artist in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia - see Cathie’s wood cuts at -;

Carla Evan, transplanted Okie artist now in Boston -

Tassia, an art student in Philidelphia;

and Toni Krepps in Topeka, Kansas

Web site revisions continue. The FAQ page went up. I also added a Gallery. The Gallery contains photos of planted Leafs from Virginia, Egypt, Shar Jah, England, Tasmania & Sri Lanka. I will continue to add to these sections. For all you planters out there, if you have the opportunity to take pictures of your Leaf, Kodak will now scan your prints at a nominal fee while you are having your film processed. I would love to have more Leaf photos for the page.

Be sure to check out the Webrings page. For you artists, the Art Center Ring has oodles of technical articles on their home page.

Lastly, since there are many of you wonderful planters in the Cincinnati Area, I will be having a grill-out this summer so that you can meet each other. Anyone who cares to drive, fly, kayak or teleport into town for this modest event is welcome.

Yours in Foliage,

Carol Ann Newsome
New Leaf

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