May 10, 2000

Hey Leaf Lovers!

So far, 1222 New Leafs have been completed for the Millennium Project. My foyer is stacked with boxes and is starting to look like someone's attic... While it feels really good to be more than 1/2 way done with the painting, I expect to be really crushed with the exhibition, PR and other administrative Leaf tasks in July and August. This is only the beginning...

Last weekend, Amy Bogard came over to grill out and help me hand-sand the next batch for painting. She was kind and brought over her grandma's secret recipe chocolate chip cookies, which she suggested would freeze nicely. (Ha! As if they were going to last that long!) I will not go into everything it took to get the grill ready. Suffice to say that universal replacement burners are not universal, but it is possible to customize a grill to make any burner fit using a power drill and a hacksaw blade duct-taped to a block of wood....and after all that, if your new regulator hose doesn't fit, and you landlord's regulator hose doesn't fit, you can always line the bottom with foil and throw in charcoal briquets....New Leaf prides itself on being resourcesful!

I continue biking to work when weather and external obligations permit. I didn't mention it before, but I am in training for a solo bike trip through Brittany in June. Many years ago, a psychic told me that a tall blond man would show up at my job to perform research and (eventually) whisk me away for a bike and train tour of Europe. The tall blond never materialized, but I was so entranced with the idea of biking in Europe that I decided to schedule that trip to France that I'd wanted to go on since I was 12. It's taken a few years to work it into the schedule and for me to get enough biking experience to feel confident doing it. I will ride from the center of Brittany to Carnac, where there are over 4,000 standing stones; fields of menhirs that were rumored in Medieval times to be an advancing army frozen in place by an act of God. I will be planting Leafs along the way.

As stated above, there are over 1200 Leafs completed to date, with another 300 to complete by mid-June. I also have 74 Planters in the data-base. After I return from France, I will start e-mailing everybody to confirm addresses and how many Leafs they want to plant, come January 1. I can use more planters overseas and in the plains states.

I am still anticipating a funding crunch due to the massive shipping bill for the Millennium Project. Site sponsorships are available. I will also be selling signed, limited-edition prints of planted Leafs in Egypt, Virginia and France. Images from Egypt and Virginia are now in the Gallery on my web-site. I'll be selling these at the show in September. They will also be available online.

Hong Kong, Minneapolis, Bahamas, Phoenix, Dominican Republic, Mt Whistler (Vancouver), India, and Jamaica, NY

Tuscon, Naples, Pompeii, Urbino, Santa Fe, Vermont, Arkansas, Cancun, Belfast, Stockhom, Visby (Gotland Island, ) New Zeeland, Estonia, St Petersburg, Armenia, Paris, Carnac and points in between....

The date has been set for the Summer Grill Out I announced in my last newsletter. The Good Goddess ladies, Susan Lachman and Karen Schaffer, are determined to come up from Virginia/Tennessee and I have had inquiries from several other out-of-state Planters. Ahmed Helmy will also be in town from the UAE doing his annual stint teaching summer school in the University of Cincinnati Dept of Chemistry. As I mentioned last time, the Grill Out is for all the folks who have participated in and supported New Leaf over the last 5 years, and have never met one another. If you receive this newsletter, you are invited : ) Anyone who cares to show off their fabulous culinary skills by bringing a dish is welcome to do so ( I have already started hinting to Amy about her cookies...) Respondez, s'il vous plait!!!

Karen tells me that she HAS to see Serpent Mound, which is about 80 miles from here - friend John Morgan in Knoxville is also primed for a trip to the mound. In case you don't know, Serpent Mound is the largest and most beautiful prehistoric effigy mound in the United States. So we have extended the weekend itinery to include Sunday breakfast at Chez Newsome and a trip to the mound with a picnic lunch.

In case you are wondering, all grill glitches reported above have been resolved...

Be there or be Square....

MKZDK 2000
While researching Carnac, I ran across Stephen MIller's beautiful photographs of the Carnac area. Steve's website, Mkzdk 2000, is located at, and the Carnac area photos are at Steve's awesome site has won numerous awards for web design and content. Mkzdk features his hypnotic digital designs created from altered photgraphs. He also makes available some of the most exciting thinking and research to date about the cosmos. Nice sound effects, too : ) I know our friends in Abingdon, Knoxville, Oklahoma City and Seattle will especially enjoy his Gaia section. After exchanging e-mail about neolithic sites in France, Steve is now a planter. I hope you will visit his site.

Other new planters are: Alexa Smith, web-mistress of ArtFUTURE (, another fascinating site featuring innovative art on the web. Alexa recently moved from Minneapolis/St Paul to San Francisco and planted a Leaf to mark her departure;

Sharon Penn, my secretary (okay - she prefers "administraitve specialist", but then she also wants flowers on April 26th...) Sharon and her husband Mark took a Leaf with them to Phoenix while they were there in March to check out the helicopter school;

Anna Woo, friend and technical writer in Cincinnati;

Pat North, friend and flute shop owner in Cincinnati;

Kathy Erb, my boss;

Ann Farnsley of Vivay, Indiana;

Sarah Beth Johnson of Lexington, Oklahoma;

Dr. David Olarsch of New Hampshire;

Blast-From-My Errant-Past Cricket Grenda of New Jersey, who im'ed me out of the blue tonight while I was writing this newsletter and is responsible for me now being up in the wee hours. Cricket was there for many memorable adventures and is not about to miss out on this one;

and Sister (Doctor) Montiel Rosenthal of the Sisters of Charity. Sister Montiel is a practicing physician who works in Armenia. She was home recently for a visit. I rang her up after I saw an article about her work in the Cincinnati Enquirer, and she graciously consented to play New Leaf with us.

Carla Evans recently returned from an extended trip to India (during which, she planted, of course!) Her photos and journal from the trip are at:

Tim Miller's Bahama Leaf made it's debut a day earlier than expected when it was stolen out of his luggage along with his camera and other valuable posessions. It is my hope that the thief will take a personal interest in New Leaf and see the need to return the camera...

Suzanne Fisher (project coordinator for the first Leaf event & long time Leaf friend)has just completed a pig for Cincinnati's "Big Pig Gig". If anyone remembers the painted cows in Chicago... Cincinnati decided to honor it's Porkopolis heritage with painted pigs. Her porker is named "Piganthropy", and will be on display at the Greater Cincinnati Foundation this summer. Those of you coming to town for either the Grill Out in July or the opening at Semantics in September will have an oppourtunity to see all the Pigs on Parade. BTW, this fall Suzanne will be marrying long time Beau and Planter Sergio. Planter Gary Wright will be performing the ceremony. And New Leaf had absolutely nothing to do with any of it.

I hope to update the website in the next 2 weeks. Along with new links and planting updates, I will be adding Dagmar's lovely Leaf photos, and if I get ambitous, clean up my html. Now that I have a couple of books on the subject I no longer have to resort to the Rosetta Stone school of web design and can add some little niceties to the page. Again, If you have a chance to take photos of Leafs when you plant, I am delighted to post these - and Kodak will even scan them for you for cheap when you process your film if you ask nice.

It occurs to me that I should be saying something profound about what we are doing in the newsletter - but hey, we all know why we do it. Thanks to all of you for making this possible.

Yours in Foliage,

Carol Ann Newsome
New Leaf

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