Not according to purists. Go to new millennium if you would like the explanation. I like to think of the year 2000 as a transitional year. As far as New Leaf is concerned, the real reason I am waiting for 2001 is that New Leaf needed the extra year to grow the concept and the network of participants. The Millennium Project was born in 1996. While a few project participants are friends and family, most are folks who have contacted me and offered to help as a result of finding a leaf, knowing someone who is already involved with the project, or learned about New Leaf through the web page or news media. The millennium project will use between 100-200 planters assembled from all walks of life. The time it takes to grow the project this way has been well worth it. Meeting all these very special people has been a wonderfully enriching experience.

And I certainly don’t mind missing all the Y2K, end of the world as we know it hoopla.

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