A Leaf “Planting” can consist of any number of Leafs, from a single Leaf to over 500 planted in Washington, DC, in 1996. Planting may be a one day event or take place over several days or weeks. Leafs are Planted by me and by volunteers. The Millennium Project, Scheduled for January 1, 2001, will Plant 2,000 Leafs in a single day.

All Leafs are Planted in a public area, and are in plain view. Some planters like to use their artistic talents to arrange their Leafs. All Planters are cautioned to ensure that their Leafs will not create a hazard. Leafs are small. I can fit 4 in my coat pockets. 50 Leafs will fill a tote bag for a full day of Planting. If I am covering less than 2 or 3 square miles, I will walk. Otherwise I will drive between planting locations.

The main thing is to avoid being seen while planting. This is easier than you would think. People often do not pay attention to what is happening around them. Planting is more challenging in a crowd. During Art on the Square, I and my volunteers planted in crowds of thousands. It seemed every time I turned around, someone was watching me and waiting for me to plant. I developed a series of “moves” to cover my actions, i.e. retying my tennis shoes or using my tote bag to block people’s vision. In Niagara Falls, Ann used Rachael’s stroller to shield me from all the tourists.

Leafs are carried to foreign locations by volunteers who travel for business or vacations. I also ship Leafs overseas to local volunteers. Recently, I sent a Leaf to a volunteer in Pennsylvania who took it with her on a research trip to McMurdo Station in Antarctica. Which only goes to show you that it really is a small world, after all. : )
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