New Leaf Responses

It's so strange, I don't know why you do it but it's a very special project. I can't tell you how magic it felt finding it. It still does. And we live in a world where magic is sadly in short supply.

Thanks again. Kevin

The very best part of New Leaf for me is hearing from people who find Leafs. I've posted some of their responses here. There are too many wonderful stories to fit on one page (in fact my computer rebelled). They are now listed by project, with the most recent first.

Leaf of the Month, 1997 - present
New Leaf: Goa, Winter, 2003
Millennium Project, January 1, 2001
Brittany and Paris June, 2000
Cincinnati, October, 1999
Seoul, September, 1999
Good Goddess, March, 1999
Niagara Falls, October,1998
Kalamzoo, July, 1998
Spoleto Festival, Charleston, May, 1998
Washington, DC, October, 1998