Charleston, May 1998

You can read about my unauthorized appearance at the Spoleto Festival in the Charleston Post and Courier

Hi Carol Ann

I just returned yesterday from a visit to the Charleston area (Mt. Pleasant). While I was walking in downtown Charleston I found one of your leaves painted on the piece of wood. It caught my attention because I love things like that so I picked it up and was so touched when I turned it over. It comes at a time in my life when there do need to be some changes made and if nothing does happen, this has made me feel better and I just wanted you to know it.


Hi, I read about you in the paper and thought what a nice thing it was and lo and behold, while packing up to leave the city market the other night, I found a New Leaf!

My daughter and I were so excited. It had been a fairly slow sales night so the discovery of the leaf was such a nice feeling. Thank you.


Dear Carol Ann: A "New Leaf" caught my eye on a flight of steps as I walked down King Street, I believe, last Sunday. I recall scanning an article in the Charleston paper that displayed your leaf, but I confess that I did not completely read the story. I'd appreciate your letting me know more about it. At any rate, I have a "New Leaf" on my desk here in Roanoke, Virginia; and if the past is truly prologue, I shall be turning it over frequently. As a matter of fact, it is turned over now, after having indulged myself for five days at Spoleto. Absolutely fantastic...and well worth the overindulgence! The "New Leaf" is wonderful! Thanks, and best wishes. Walter

Dear Carol Ann:

Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOmuch! I found one of your treasures at the Harris Teeter on E. Bay Street last night while looking for a paperback...I stood in the store and cried! I saw you over the weekend when my husband and I were at Marion Sq. We then recognized you in the paper and I said at that time that I wished I could find a leaf! The odds were so against me!

The odds were against me in other areas of my life, too! My husband and I have not been married quite 2 years. We're in our 50's, so you can imagine trying to find happiness with each of us carrying so much baggage. I only tell you this because of the hard work (and I mean HARD) we have put into our marriage and the changes we needed to make individually. I have been truly blessed recently because of that hard work and your leaf was an affirmation to me and a real, tangible reward! You have touched our lives profoundly and I thank you. When I showed it to my husband we cried together...

I hope to give you a small measure of satisfaction for what you have done for me and your impact on my life through this note. Thank you again,

Much happiness to you, Mary Lynn

Dear Carol Ann,

I just wanted you to know that I turned over a New Leaf on Sunday around 5:00 at Brittlebank Park. My son and I had just attended a Riverdogs game and then went to the park to throw his Vortex football that he had just gotten at the game. While he was checking out the jungle gym, I walked over to this beautiful oak tree nearby and, once under in the shade, I looked down and there it was! It had a few leaves and some dust on it, but nonetheless was visible. I wanted to tell you it made my day! I needed a little pick-me-up like that. There were numerous people out there at the time and some constantly coming and going, so it seemed kinda "meant" for me to find or something strange like that. I've been showing it off ever since to my friends! Who also, by the way, think it is "way cool" (to paraphrase one particular friend)!

I would like to know what and why if you could take the time to share this information with me (also when you placed it there). It's been debated here in numerous ways. I thought you might like to know a few. They are:

1. You are someone who just thought this up to spread cheer.

2. You are a student doing a project, and the responses are important.

3. You are someone wanting to make a difference if people so needed.

4. You are an eccentric-type person who has a great imagination.

That's about all we have come up with in one day! I hope to hear from you soon. I await the story behind the Leaf anxiously!

BeLeaf in Change,


Hi Carol,

I am a native Charlestonian. In the fall of '69, during my senior year at St. Andrews High School, I did something similar to what you are doing.

During study hall, out on the senior lawn, I wrote messages on magnolia leaves that were on the ground. I always wondered if anyone found them.

I love the "turning over a new leaf" project and would love to distibute your leaves in the year 2000....or even now.

I live in Summerville, SC, which is about 14 miles west of Charleston. I look forward to finding one of your leaves or meeting someone who has.

Sincerely, Mary Beth

hi - we found one of your leaves this past weekend, and boy oh boy - what a great idea - where can we get them - how much , etc. we passed it around our family reunion and it got lots of mileage and thought provoking as well.