Cincinnati 1999

Read about my Cincinnati adventure in the Cincinnati Enquirer or in the journal of my 101 New Leaf Adventure

Today at 3:50pm a Silverton woman,known by her many friends as BaBaSue,was driving down red bank rd on the way to pick up her son at work at 3:30 suddenly,at the corner of Madison Rd and Red Bank Rd some voice told her to turn right onto Madison Rd-which she did--her car seemed to have a mind of its own--it traveled a little further down Madison and then suddenly her left turn signal came on and she found herself traveling down a deserted road towards what looked like 2 ticket windows--as she drove closer she suddenly saw,to her amazement -something beckoning to her from one of the deserted ticket windows--her heart beat faster-she started talking to herself stopped the car--put it in park-left the motor running and ran toward the object waiting for her--carefully she stepped in the flowers in front of the ticket window and ever to carefully reached out her hand and grabbed the object awaiting her---yes it was a New Leaf--at last--her prayers had been answered--she was supposed to find one and finally did---she shouted out "yes" as she raised the new leaf in the air and suddenly looked around to see if any one was watching her--in one of the windows next door to the drive in there were two women watching her--she waved at them and happily got back into her car and proceeded on back to her original destination.

Now I know how someone must feel finding one of the Leafs and I cannot wait to become a planter so I can make someone else happy and surprised as I was today,and still am.
Hope you can sense how happy I am...


Carol, I was extremely impressed by the "New Leaf Porject." Actually, I feel it was a sign from God. Last night, I had an extremely hard night. I felt like my whole life was spinning out of control. I basically spent the whole night crying and thinking about my life. My ex-boyfriend kept telling me that I used to be so strong, and I needed to re-evaluate my life, so I could once again be happy. He made me realize that I needed to make myself happy. Today I really prayed to God to give me strength and to help me get through this trying time in my life. I was at work, and the owner of my company brought the little piece of wood into me. It was so amazing. I felt like God truly heard my prayers. So, I want to thank you for your kindness and compassion. I would really appreciate it if you could e-mail me back and tell me about the project.
Thank you very much!!!!
With High Regards,

Hi,I just found your leaf at taco bell. I was wondering what the point of it was? I thought the leaf painting was very pretty.