Washington, DC 1996

Read about this project in Voice of America, October 9, 1996 and the Washington Post, October 8, 1996

It's so strange, I don't know why you do it but it's a very special project. I can't tell you how magic it felt finding it. It still does. And we live in a world where magic is sadly in short supply.

Thanks again. Kevin

Thank you very much for the new leaf. I found it on the steps leading from the Orange Line to the Red Line at Metro Center in Washington DC on October 8, 1996. I was quite surprise to find such a beautiful piece of art just sitting on the steps. At first, I though someone had droped it on their way up the stairs. What was strange was that it was sitting on its side facing out and while I examined it, there were no dings in the wood from being dropped.

Just before getting on the Red Line for Shady Grove, I put it in my bag. At Shady Grove, I picked up the Ride On bus to Olney MD and happened to show it to a fellow rider. He pulled out your article from the Washington Post and showed me the explanation behind the leaf. What is interesting is that this section has the comics which I leave for my wife to read in the morning. This is the reason that I had not seen the article. Once at home, I found the article, cut it out, and and left it sitting on the kitchen counter with the leaf for my wife to read. As soon as she got home she knew about the leaf. She had read the article that morning. She was very excited that I had found your art. The best part is that I had found it on the day of our 19th aniversary. What a special day.

For your information, the leaf I found was for Representative Gene Taylor of Mississippi District 5. Thank you so much for giving your art to my wife and I as part of a new leaf on life.

Gerald E.

Read about your leaf paintings in the Washington Post. Just wanted to tell you how much good I believe you are doing. We are in Annapolis, MD and won't see your work, but if we did I would surely take it and give it a place of honor in our home. Keep up the good work.

Squidge Holmes (Sq the 1st)

I read the story in the Post about the leaf paintings you were leaving around. It's Fall, why not. I also thought "Now there is a woman with a lot of guts!" My hat is off (if I wore one) to you. That picture thing was just the sort of stunt that I would think of and (usually) get into trouble for. Good luck and keep out of mischief (at least as much as possible while still having fun)


Yesterday, I saw the article about you and your art work and I wanted to tell you that I really like what you are doing!! I couldn't believe it, but during lunch today I actually found one of your pieces. I was on Capitol Hill (North Capitol and Louisiana Ave., near the fountains) when I started to leave I saw at the base of a tree one of your New Leafs. It was a great treasure to find. I am so happy to have a piece of your art! :)

Thank you!! Jeanne Jeffas (JJ)

Thanks! Found a leaf during lunchtime walk (perhaps an ash?) -- made my day! hurray for public art

I came upon a leaf at the Van Ness metro stop moments after reading the article about you in The Post. It made my day!

I read about your "new leaf" campaign here in DC and thought that it was fantastic. (Your use of vacant storefronts to display work is another gem.) My only regret is that us apartment dwellers always seem to miss out on these inspirations as gaining entrance is nigh impossible due to security. If you discover a single leaf going spare in this harvest season, perhaps you might think of sending it over for my neighbours and I to enjoy?

Tanya :0)

I was just going to read the comics, thats all..... I saw the article on your New Leaf Project today in the DC Post and it immediately struck a chord with me... So here I am, and Im even more confused about my role as an artist in society, in this culture that seems so alienated by the idea of art......where it is seen as more a spurious luxury than a powerful force that (I believe) can change peoples ideas, emotions and lives. So? So when I read your article I got pretty excited. Its encouraging to see people working to change the place of visual art in others minds. You have my utmost respect and admiration for what you are doing......

Thanks, Kelley

My best friend found one of your leaves yesterday near the Capitol and took it back to work with him. He doesn't have access to the internet, and asked me to express to you his admiration for your work--it's beautiful. And what a refreshing political message--he was enchanted!

Thank you- Anna

Last evening I attended a lecture on Frank Lloyd Wright at the National Building Museum. I arrived a half hour early and spent some quality time sitting amongst the towering columns in the great hall, next to a silenced fountain. On the park benck next to me I found a beautiful object that I picked up. On the back was an inscription that obviously some Congressman (Carolyn Maloney, NY Representative, District 14) presented to one of her staffers as some type of recognition. What a great idea, turning over a new leaf for the office. "Turn it over as often as you wish". I waited on the bench for over a half hour before leaving for my Frank Lloyd Wright lecture. My mind started playing games. . .could it be that Frank was trying to communicate with me? I am a big admirerer of Wright's work and his concept of organic architecture. I am an artist that reproduces art glass windows originally designed by Wright in the early part of the century. His use of elements of nature in his early window designs was a Wright trademark. Perhaps this leaf was a signal from the greatest architect in American history. If you are responsible for the creation of this beautiful piece of art, congratulations. If you can help locate its rightful owner, I would be very appreciative. Someone obviously wants to have their prized possession back. Please let me know if you can be of any help. I am curious about the "self-funded project" notation on the back. I thought of calling the Congressman's office to report the finding of the misplaced thing of art. I then noticed our E-mail address at the bottom. Since I was most impressed with the beauty of the new leaf, I thought I would attempt to contact you in hopes of tracing its rightful owner or identifying the point of contact to further trace its ownership. Someone must be very distraught over leaving this on the park bench. In the mean time, I will cherish the quality time I had in the great hall of the NBM, listening to the distant sounds of meandering people in the massive spaces, amongst the columns and silenced fountain. I enjoyed my time sitting on the park bench, admiring the new leaf and thinking of possibilities. Lots of pleasant thoughts, all stimulated by this opportune find of a beautiful piece of art. A new leaf. . .a great idea.


I would have enjoyed finding one. But since they are such nice pictures, I would have had to work up the guts to take it. I believe that I would have thought that someone lost the thing and I wouldn't want to be accused to stealing it. Oy! The high cost of a Catholic upbringing. Honesty is SO expensive and inconveniet! Maybe that's why Congress and their like are in such a mess today?


I read the 8 October article in the Wash. Post about your New Leaf project with great interest. It is really a heart-warming endeavor. Later in the day my husband wanted to go to Union Station (we live in Great Falls, Va.) to see the German exhibit. At about 2:30 I was thrilled to find one of your New Leaf paintings there - in a stall of the Ladies Room! (It is dedicated to the office of Va. Rep., District 11.) I am a retired Defense Intel Analyst. I am also an artist, and now channel much of my artistic ability into restoring antique dolls. Your welcome New Leaf painting has found a permanent home in my studio, and seems to radiate the love you put into your project. Just wanted to let you know how much it is appreciated. Warm regards, BettyAnn

I was recently in W/D.C. to observe my son being admitted to the Bar of the Supreme Court of the U.S. We walked over to the Capital and found one of your leaves. He had read about it in the local paper and told me to take one and answer you. It is very nice and certainly an attention graber. I live in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Best regards, Elbert E. Young

I was walking near the Senate Office Building last year with a friend when I looked down to find one of your leaves looking back at me. (Robert Bennett's to be exact) I was, and am, so pleased to have it. It is always within arm's reach on my desk. This has been a year of great change in my life some good, some not so good. Whenever my eyes rest on your leaf I pause to think, about living, growing and changing. Whatever happens the leaves fall, the leaves return, life goes on.

Thank you for this gift.