Millennium Project 2001

Read about the Millennium Project in Cincinnati Enquirer and the The Sharing Tree

dear Carol,
he says:
yesterday, on January 1., I found your wonderful leaf directly in front of my nose. I had some trouble picking it up, as I am very old. - o.k. - beneath me is sitting a spy from . . .. I like her and love her very much. But it is not easy, because I cannot write you the truth, because she is always looking, what I am doing.
she says:
donęt listen to him he is senile!!!
he says:
But one nice thing I found very near to your leaf, and you can see it here:
she says:
In fact it is your leaf: the old man played music for it and it grew!
he says:
she is so wonderful. I am blind, she is so great!
thank you and bye bye!
Yours . . .

I was in Niagara Falls on New Years Day and while walking by the falls with my girlfriend I spotted one of your paintings. I was compelled to write to you and tell you that the painting was the best part of the entire New Years weekend.My girlfriend and I have it hanging in our home now. It was also fun to find more of the paintings and instead of taking them we watched the reactions of other that picked them up. Thank you so much for brightening our New Years and I hope that someone can brighten yours as well.

Gary and Tammy

The thing that was so wonderful about my finding it was this......the year 2000 was a bad one for me. I turned 40 and am having health problems. So it was almost mystical for me to find it in the dark, off a walking track, in a snowstorm. Of course, my husband just laughs at me! I am going to Europe this summer, and will decide later whether to keep my leaf or put it somewhere over there.



Happy New Year Carol Ann,

You have brought a special surprise into my life over the 2001 New Year weekend! While standing outside next to Linn's Bakery in Cambria, CA I discovered something that caught my eye. It was a beautiful piece of artwork laying on a bench outside the bakery. It inspired me so much that I had to pick it up and turn it over where I found your sticker of information. What a beautiful work of art! Very interesting and eye catching.

I was visiting from Burbank this last weekend and its the very first time I have ever been to Cambria. I'm fairly new to California and its a delight to discover something new everyday. They say, "Curiosity killed the cat and satisfaction brought him back", so I was wondering what the New Leaf project is all about? If you have any more information or news it would be wonderful to hear more about it? Thank you very much for the New Leaf and may you have a prosperous and joyful New Year!
Your Friend,

every time I look at my New Leaf that hangs proudly on my bedroom wall I sense a deeper meaning from it. Pondering the thought of "You have just turned over a New Leaf" takes me out of the past or future and puts me in the present which is a beautiful gift that truly has no price tag. Very Inspiring. Thank you again!Feel free to quote anything you would like from my emails.To your continuing success in the New Millennium!!!
Your new fellow friend in foliage,


I just walked out to go to lunch and there was a leaf leaning against the wall of our building. I turned it over and got chills from reading the back. What an awesome thing you have created.

Jim (Knoxville)

hello out there, just had to write and tell you thank you for the leaf picture. found it sitting at the park on the pillar, my friend saw it and we were both happy about finding it. it was appropriate for this moment in both our lives. thank you. the story of finding it and the picture are going to be shared with others. thank you, blessings, karen. what a wonderful thing to do!!!!!!!!!

Carol, i guess i assumed the leaf was put in the park by somebody local. I am writing from Sheridan, Wyoming. my friend and i found the leaf picture in the kendrick park sitting on a pillar that is dedicated to someone who has passed on. when we first saw it we thought it was a memorial kind of offering and didn't want to disturb it but my friend picked it up and looked on the back. my friend, daniel took the leaf to his group meeting last night and shared the experience with others, it was recieved with mystery and amazement. it also touched daniel as he is really starting over in his life right now, as am i, it gave us both a validation for starting over and "turning over a new leaf" thank you. yes you may quote me. blessings, karen

Just wanted to let you know I found one of your leaves in Sparks, Nevada. I haven't passed it on yet, as I really enjoy turning it over and thinking about how I would like to "turn over a new leaf" in my life right now. It's a beautiful idea.

Dear Carol Ann
My wife and I were just about to enter our neighborhood coffee shop,Kava Kava,
when I caught a glimpse of a small wrapped object behind the planters.I was quite intrigued by the leaf design and even more so by the message on the back. Needless to say our coffee conversation was spent on the item found it's message and it's relevance to the day of it's finding.We just wanted to say thank you and to ask if there was any other information about your project you would like to convey.
sincerely Mark&Holly (West Dundee IL)

This New Year was decidedly lacking in some intangible thing that I could not identify until I found your piece this morning. It was the sense of magic and possibility that tingled through me when your lovely leaf seemingly just appeared in my path.

Thank you! I will treasure this wonderful little bit of faerie dust for the rest of my life.

-Matt (Orinda CA)

Dear Carol, My wife and I are on vacation in Honolulu. Today, we went for a walk, just to talk. The conversation went to how I felt a need to make a few changes in my personal and work life. In looking down at a park bench along the canal, I saw one of your New Leafs. I first thought it was an attractive piece of the bench itself, but thankfully looked further. I can't tell you how much finding this leaf meant to us. It was definitely a sign which I will always treasure. I thank you for the wonderful thought behind this project and thank you in advance for all of the wonderful things that will come along with this new treasure piece.

Aloha and Mahalo!