Niagara Falls 1999

Read about New Leaf on both sides of the border in the Niagara Review and the Niagara Gazette

I would love the opportunity to plant some new leaves!!!!
My husband and I found one when we were on our first trip to Niagara Falls together... our first trip and now we're married.. it's been 2 years and I'm glad your site is still up and running! Please let me know where to begin, Thanks, you have a great project going!
Sheri Doogan

My daughter and I found a beautiful new leaf and turned it over on a people mover waiting area bench in Niagra Falls. We were quite intrigued and kept it, intending to check your site and learn more. Our family travels all over the country in a RV and I am now in NC where we most likely will place your leaf for another turning.


My wife and our two girls were walking along the Canadian side of Niagra Falls. We were building piles of leaves for the children to play in. I noticed something on a knot on a tree. It was a new leaf. Very interesting to find that I had turned over a new leaf as I did so to read the back and learn about what I had just found.

Chris, Heather, Christine, and Rachel