A New Leaf is an original acrylic painting of a single leaf on a small wood block. I paint each New Leaf myself. On the back of each New Leaf is a label which states “You have just turned over a New Leaf. You may keep this New Leaf. Turn it over as often as you wish.” Each Leaf is signed and includes my e-mail address on the back.

Every New Leaf is “planted” in plain sight in a public area where anyone can find it. Finders are welcome to keep their Leaf. Plantings may consist of a single Leaf to several hundred New Leafs placed in a certain area over a period of several days.

New Leaf began in 1995 during “Art on the Square” in Cincinnati. as of January 1, 2000, over 2,500 New Leafs have been planted in over 30 countries on 7 continents. On January 1, 2001, 2,000 New Leafs will be planted in over 100 sites world wide.

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