Hi Carol.

Leaf no.2 has
enjoyed a brief stay in Arizona, nestling with some blooming hedgehog cacti,
(and with bear/orchid in bud you received in last email)
it then travelled with me to Vancouver, and on the 17th of April,
I went on my quest to search for a perfect spot to plant it.

We drove the Sea to Ski Hway, North from the city, stopped
en route at a lovely place, the Lighthouse at Point Atkinson, with hiking
trails through a forest of 500 year old Douglas Fir trees. HUGE!!!

Found two nice interim rest stops for the Leaf: one in the grass beneath a
blooming cherry tree, one on some rocks with the lighthouse in the background.

Then on to Whistler, a fabulous ski resort 120 mi N of Vancouver.

Mount Whistler is beautiful. I think they carved every imaginable
skirun /snowboard, mugel piste, out of it.

Walking around the small town of Whistler, I came upon the
"Village Stroll", a pedestrian walkway through the center that leads to a
bridge across a small river.
They had several bronze objects placed on either side of the
bridge, and a note about a Public Art Project, by Kip Jones and
Jennifer MacKlem.
One of the pieces was just ASKING for a leaf.

There were people walking leisurely and some were sitting at a
nearby outdoor cafe. The sun was shining, and it was around
4pm, so several people came off the slopes in skiing gear.

It didn't take long for somebody to look at the sculptures and dis - cover the LEAF!!!
She looked, picked it up, turned it over and smiled.
Then she looked around, but nobody approached her,
so she showed it to two other people, whom she obviously knew,
who came walking to the café.

I guess they figured out they were allowed to keep it,

and thus, my first successfully planted Leaf was adopted!

Feels good. ;-)

Oh, I showed my pictures to a friend and neighbour here, Lita North,and told
her about your project, She thought it was great
and she's very interested in planting some Leafs for you.

I know she's driving to Georgia soon!
May hit several spots en route, where you have not planted yet.

Good night for now --
Have a great Sunday!