It's fun, it's challenging, and it makes people feel good.

We all need more fun, more magic, more delight in our lives. I like the feeling of casting my art out into the universe, and trusting the universe to do what it will with it.

I think every artist hopes that their art will be owned by people who really appreciate it. I figure that if I put something out in public with no gallery, no price tag, and no obvious worth, that the people who walk off with it would be the ones who really liked it and wanted to keep it.

I like the challenge of one person with a computer and a modem creating an international art project out of their kitchen. I especially like being able to do an art event without writing grants, sending slides, being approved by a committee, scheduling a year in advance and going through various forms of politics and red tape.

Once I got started, I saw how people responded to New Leaf and realized that this was a good thing to do. I also noticed that New Leaf was bringing me important spiritual lessons. At this time New Leaf is intrinsically linked with my own growth.

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