I would like to know what and why if you could take the time to share this information with me ... It's been debated here in numerous ways. I thought you might like to know a few. They are:

1. You are someone who just thought this up to spread cheer.

Cheer and magic. I dont think we have enough magic, or art for that matter, in our lives.

2. You are a student doing a project, and the responses are important.

I havent been a student of anything except life for over 12 years - I love responses but they aren't the point. I wouldn't be giving anything if I was expecting a response. I do not, as some folks think I should, stick around and watch people find leaves, photograph or interview them. to me that means i would be manipulating and using people for my own purposes instead of giving them something.

3. You are someone wanting to make a difference if people so needed.

That does happen sometimes. I think we all do this sometimes and usually when it happens we are not even aware of it...

4. You are an eccentric-type person who has a great imagination.

Hmmm. how about I have no husband and children to demand all my energy and I had to come up with something to do in my spare time?? I'm not too eccentric. I do not wear black, for example.

That's about all we have come up with in one day! I hope to hear from
you soon. I await the story behind the Leaf anxiously!

BeLeaf in Change,


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